Broken Pieces

Author Interview – Pavarti K. Tyler

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)? I don’t have to.  However, I love to.  I go to any conferences or events I can.  It’s a great perk to get to meet readers.

What books have most influenced your life? For White Chalk books which influenced me were:

She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb

Lolita by Vladamir Nabokov

Gemma by Meg Tilly

White Orleander by Janet Fitch

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Who is your favorite author and why? Anais Nin – because she didn’t shy away from being powerful and weak.  She allowed herself to be beautiful and crazy.  The experience of life is in itself art.

Can we expect any more books from you in the future? Many many.  I have a Novella Series started which will launch in December 2013.  The first book is titled Sugar and Salt. I also have companion novellas to Two Moons of Sera in the works and 2 more standalone novels.  I’ll be busy from now until I’m 70!

Have you started another book yet? Actually, I’ve already finished the next book!  It’s in editing right now.  Sugar and Salt is an erotic novella which will be published with Evolved Publishing in December 2013.  It’s the first in a series of books in The Sugar House Novellas.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Sitting at this computer writing with the giant dog under my feet.

What are your current writing projects now? Book one of The Sugar House Novellas is done.  I’m working on Books 2 and 3 while editing Two Moons of Sera for rerelease with Evolved Publishing.

Are you reading any interesting books at the moment? I just finished Parasite by Mira Grant.  It was really amazing.  Definitely some flaws but a thoroughly enjoyable and easy read.

Are there any new authors that have sparked your interest and why? Oh my yes.  Julian Darius wrote Nira/Sussa which is a completely deviant Literary Fiction/Erotica.  Keira Michelle Telford is the author of the Silver Series which I regularly dream about and has a new series coming out this summer.  And Kenya Wright is the only Supernatural Romance author I bother to read anymore.  She’s phenomenal.  Her Habitat Series books are impeccable, fun, sexy and relevant.

What are some of the best tools available today for writers, especially those just starting out? Tools don’t matter.  There are no tricks.  Some things will work for you, others won’t.  And it will be different for everyone.  The real trick?  Shut up and write something.


White Chalk

Chelle isn’t what most people consider a typical 13-year-old girl—she doesn’t laugh with friends, play sports, or hang out at the mall after school. Instead, she navigates a world well beyond her years.

Life in Dawson, ND spins on as she grasps at people, pleading for someone to save her—to return her to the simple childhood of unicorns on her bedroom wall and stories on her father’s knee.

When Troy Christiansen walks into her life, Chelle is desperate to believe his arrival will be her salvation. So much so, she forgets to save herself. After experiencing a tragedy at school, her world begins to crack, causing a deeper scar in her already fragile psyche.

Follow Chelle’s twisted tale of modern adolescence, as she travels down the rabbit hole into a reality none of us wants to admit actually exists.

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Genre - Literary Fiction/Coming of Age

Rating – R (15+)

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