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Author Interview – August Wainwright

Friday, June 21, 2013

Can you tell us about your main character? Remy is a woman who is a savant, absolutely brilliant when it comes to what she knows, but when you look at her for what she doesn’t know, she immediately becomes an extremely flawed character. Her choices can be unbelievably selfish and her actions frequently hurt those closest to her.

But what I find interesting is that, regardless of how cold she comes off, she has needs just like everyone else. And actually, her needs aren’t really “normal” compared to other people, so she goes without more than most, which in turn makes her even more cold.

She’s a complex character that is constantly surprising.

Think more Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, than Cumberbatch from Sherlock. Sheldon mixed with Steig Larson’s Lisbeth Salander; that’s about as close as I can get to a reference.

Who designed the cover? My designer’s name is Trevor Houlton. He’s really freaking good. I told him that I wanted to keep a theme across all the covers of this series where we took an image of a real person, who’s loosely related to the story, and then obscure their face to make them less recognizable.

The cover for ‘A Study in Sin’ is from a mug shot of Irish mobster Whitey Bulger. There’s actually an article on my site about the process we went through to create this first cover. You can read it here: Process of Creating ‘A Study in Sin’ Cover.

We’ve already finished the second cover in the series and we’re working on the third right now.

Trevor is working on a site where he’ll be creating pre-made and custom covers for authors. It’s not up yet, but when he goes live, I think he’ll be one the best cover designers out there. The main thing he’s told me is that he wants to focus on doing covers that steer clear of your standard ebook stock photo collages; so lots of original artwork and great typography.

How important do you think villains are in a story? Probably more important than the hero. In ‘A Study in Sin’, I really wanted to play with the idea of a “villain” that is a hero in his own mind; where he comes off very evil at one point, and then very caring at another. . I think that’s what all good villains should be like: the hero of their own story. They should truly believe they’re doing the right thing.

Have you started another book yet? In the Remy Moreau series, Volume 2, which is called ‘The St. Mary’s Cipher’, and Volume 3, which is called ‘The Red-Headed Order’, are both done. They’re both shorter, only about 15,000-20,000 words each. Volume 4 will be a shorter book as well and is about half way done right now.

I wanted to make sure I could keep the overall story arc moving along quickly for readers, so I’ll be releasing Volumes 2-4 not long after ‘A Study in Sin’ comes out.

I just started work on Volume 5 which will be another full length novel. I’m really enjoying number five, it’s a great story.

Can we expect any other series from you in the future? Absolutely.

In the beginning, I started the Remy Moreau series as an exercise to work with a dialogue heavy story. But the more I got to know the characters, the more I wanted to keep going with it. Right now I have plans for 8 volumes, but the series will probably end up being much longer.

The series I’ve been working on for over a year is the one I’m extremely excited about. The working title right now is ‘The Portrait’ and the scale is just horrifically large. It’s about everything – life, money, power, politics, war. It’s going to be epic. I originally had it planned for a trilogy but it will more than likely end up being a nine part series – which I’m pretty sure is an ennealogy – so, yea…

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