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Thursday, December 5, 2013

I remember following a discussion thread on Amazon a couple of years ago that addressed the issue~ some said that e-book covers do not matter, but I disagreed. There are so many books to browse on Amazon, Goodreads, assorted book sites, Smashwords, B and N, etc. There is also a lot of competition even getting your own book seen!

The BIG houses certainly know that good cover art is vital to the success of a book, and so should the small press and Indie authors. I heard, recently, that there are over two and a half MILLION independent books now, on Amazon alone, so great art is a must!

I write, primarily, science fiction and fantasy, so my art is even more important. My publisher does a great job, but I also hire a graphic designer who customizes my art to represent the characters, time and place of my assorted novels.

Onio is a quarter Sasquatch male who falls in love with a human girl. As you can see he is quite handsome, tall (about 6’7) and very hairy! Melody is pretty, but she is wearing no make-up… I mean, why would she? She is with a tribe of Sasquatches deep within the Rocky Mountains. The story takes place, mostly, during the wintertime- so there is a snowy background- perfect for the time and place.  

All of my covers are custom made- Detour to Dusk is one that has a real, live model on the cover, but in the background, there is a tall, winged man. This is a vampire thriller, and the protagonists are huge, evil, winged creatures. The lake in the background is beautiful Lake Christina, in Canada.  

One of my favorites is the cover of The War of Odds- an urban faerie tale. The girl’s name is Sara, the little sprite is Pollo, and the cat is called Hissaphat. He is a warrior general from the land of the fae. The evil, red eyes in the cave… well, you had better read it and find out! LOL!

So, you have sweated blood and tears on your new book- don’t cheap out now and put up mediocre art for your opus. Make your novel as irresistible as possible to the millions of readers out there who are browsing for a new book to read!

Onio revised (2)

In this modern world of science and high technology, in secret places deep under the ground and in the forest primeval, legends still walk the earth and what we think of as myth and fairy tale are all too real.

Driving home late one night, Melody Carver, bereft and grieving after the death of her mother, sees a strange creature standing on the lonely road. This being will change her world-view forever, and open her eyes to a reality beyond her imagination.

Melody’s chance encounter on that dark and snowy road will mark the beginning of a journey of discovery and wonder that will bring two worlds together in hope and despair.

Can one person bridge the gap between the ancient and the modern, the mundane and the magical?

An urban fantasy filled with adventure, romance, war, heartbreak and triumph!

ONIO! Unlike anything, you have ever read before!

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Genre – Fantasy/Romance

Rating – PG13

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